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BrandProtect Script: The definitive answer to the eternal question about bidding on your own brand

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Patrícia Cudzišová
Senior PPC špecialistka
Are you in the top organic position for searches of your brand name in Google?

When you avoid paying for website visits from searches for your brand, you can save hundreds and even thousands of Euros per year. Our software solution does that for you.

How brand protection solution works

Define the exact match brand keyword you wish to track by placing it in a single keyword ad group in a brand campaign labelled with the brandprotect label. The BrandProtect Script checks the Google search engine results page in the selected locale for the keyword in this ad group. Then, based on the average result of five searches carried out 20 seconds apart, BrandProtect does one of the following:

Scenario 1: BrandProtect pauses the single keyword ad group if:

  • the brand website occupies the top position in organic search results
  • AND no competing ads appear for searches of the brand keyword 

Scenario 2: BrandProtect enables the single keyword ad group if:

  • the brand website does not occupy the top position in organic results
  • OR (AND) competing ads appear for searches of the brand keyword

Scenario 3: BrandProtect increases the CPC (by an amount you have defined) for the exact match brand keyword if:

  • at least one of the conditions of scenario 2 has been met, the single keyword ad group is running, but its ad is not on the top position in paid results
  • AND you are using CPC bid strategy

Who benefits

When does the use of BrandProtect Script make the most sense? In which situations can the BrandProtect Script save you money? Our brand protection software will save you money

  • when the number of competitors targeting searches of the brand keyword is low 
  • AND when your organic result snippet is well formulated


As BrandProtect solution is still in the beta testing phase, you are welcome to use it at no cost for 12 months, as long as you agree to:

  • provide us with anonymized data on the script activity and savings achieved thanks to BrandProtect
  • AND not share the script with the third parties without our consent

The only direct cost that you will have to cover is the SERP data provider’s fee. The usual monthly expense for each exact match keyword is 0.32€ if checked once a day, or 7.70€ if checked hourly using our brand protection software. 


1. Structure the brand campaign into single keyword ad groups. Use keywords in exact match. Ad group name must match the keyword it includes.

2. Label the brand campaign with the label brandprotect.

3. Make a copy of BrandProtect Input Sheet and fill it out with settings for your campaign:

  • Bid adjustment value in %
  • Brand domain
  • Brand keywords
  • Targeted country
  • Email address for sending alerts
  • Permission for the script to make changes

4. Grab a copy of the script (we will send you the script upon request) and paste the link to the sheet into the script.

5. Set up a payment profile at the SERP data provider’s website.

6. Preview the script first, then set frequency to run daily or hourly.


What is the maximum number of keywords the BrandProtect can handle?

You can define up to nine exact match keywords. The only rule – one keyword per ad group. The script will check results for one keyword at a time and will potentially enable/pause the respective ad group. The labeled brand campaign stays always ON using our brand protection software.

Will I be notified when the BrandProtect performs a change in the ad account?

BrandProtect Script operates in two modes: it either performs changes in the ad account on your behalf and notifies you via email, or sends recommendations for changes via email. The mode depends on the setting you choose in the BrandProtect Input Sheet.

Do you have any questions about how you can use the BrandProtect Script – brand protection solution? Get in touch to discuss your use case and estimate the savings your campaigns or clients stand to make.

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