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Website migration

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Phase before website migration
  • Checking for technical barriers that may affect the organic traffic or paid campaigns of a new website, according to the latest standards.
  • Consultations with the programmer and discussion of individual solutions according to the Basta digital migration checklist.
  • Determination of responsibilities for specific activities according to the Basta digital migration checklist.
  • Analytics control and its settings.
  • Preparing redirects.
  • Determine the best time to migrate a website.
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Website migration phase
  • Migration support for the programmer, we also provide consultations outside of standard working hours.
  • Quick technical check after website migration.
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Post-migration phase of the website
  • Regular technical check of the website.
  • Check important content on a website.
  • Manual check of website functionality.
  • Monitoring keyword positions.

Successful migrations

Migration of DPD
Migration of Uniqa
Migration of Bezeckepotreby

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Ideally, we start with an in-person meeting or call (over the phone, Skype or Hangout). Set up the discussion at or call us at +421 2 52 444 196.

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Frequently asked questions

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We are happy to meet for an informal consultation on collaboration opportunities.

We are able to provide meaningful services in moderately and highly competitive areas with a budget from about 1000 EUR per month for our services.

We offer one-off paid consultations at rates between 60 and 80 EUR per hour, depending on the consultant’s seniority.

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