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Case study: Hyundai

How we doubled the conversion rate on the Hyundai website

Client's view

“Thanks to personalization, we became the first carmaker in Slovakia with adaptive content on our website and we managed to increase the conversion rate and the number of leads by over ten percent. This also significantly contributed to Hyundai Slovakia having a record year, and we are very happy about that. ”
marek kopča
Marek Kopča
Head of Marketing & PR Hyundai Motor Slovakia

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As we showed personalized content to those interested in the Hyundai car, the click-through rate
* (CTR) increased significantly. Personalization has doubled the success of the site as a tool for
new leads from car enthusiasts! Personalized leads with a clear preference for Hyundai cars came
earlier and were more qualified.

More information can be found at: Case Study Presentation


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Client statement
“We were very pleased with the final result of 275 people taking interest in the test drive, as it
was almost double the original goal. We also gained valuable information about effective
creativity that can be used in our further communication. ”
Tereza Bezrouková
Social Media & Online Marketing Specialist, T.O.P. AUTO Slovakia, a. S.
Traffic targets increased by 230%
83% more leads gained
Efficient budget allocation thanks to fROAS
Micromoment-adapted communication
Personalized experience across campaign phases
More information can be found at: Case Study Presentation

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