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What will cooperation with Basta digital give you?

Together we will develop a strategy for digital marketing channels and help implement it
We will share with you information and experience with new features in digital advertising
We bring on board expertise for ecommerce, brand building, B2B and export
How we do

Full-service digital marketing

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Strong teams with broad expertise

We usually gather information for the marketing strategy development from a meeting with the client. We focus on the client’s business goals and propose marketing activities accordingly.

We determine depending on the client and his or her goals, which of our teams will deliver our services.

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Solid project management

Every full-service digital marketing project consists of the work of several specialists coordinated daily by a project manager. He or she is available to the client as required. At any moment of our cooperation the project manager has an overview what is going on with the client project, what the present results are and how we are meeting the present goals of the individual activities.

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Flexible services adjusted to your current needs

We understand that each client’s needs change over time. We therefore regularly evaluate the effectiveness and relevance of the activities performed.

If we find out that a certain activity is not delivering results or the client’s needs have changed, we adjust our strategy. We do not act on a whim but base our proposals to the client on solid analysis.

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Inhouse performance teams

All specialists involved with a project are used to working together as a team and complement each other’s experience and knowledge.

Each of our teams includes specialists in online advertising, search engine optimisation, social media, graphic designers and UX designers. Our client therefore benefits from the support of a harmonic team addressing their needs together every day.

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Reliable partners for design, photo, sound and video production, app development

Coordinating various suppliers can be a hassle. We therefore try to cover all of our clients’ marketing needs. We understand how online vide is supposed to work even if we outsource video production.

If we lack a certain expertise internally, we can provide and manage it for the client efficiently and effectively thanks to our partner network.

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Strong oversight

We see mutual satisfaction as the best mode of cooperation. Client marketing strategies are developed by our Strategy Director or one of our experienced senior consultants, the Team Leader and specialists.

The strategist and team leader have a number of years of experience with digital marketing and have also held several specialist positions. Therefore they have an understanding of the specialists’ work but can also see the “big picture“.

How to request a proposal

Ideally, we start with an in-person meeting or call (over the phone or videocall). Set up the discussion at or call us at +421 2 52 444 196.

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Declaration on personal data protection

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Frequently asked questions

plus Created with Sketch. What is the cost of services?

We are happy to meet for an informal consultation on collaboration opportunities.

We are able to provide meaningful services in moderately and highly competitive areas with a budget from about 1000 EUR per month for our services.

We offer one-off paid consultations at rates between 40 and 80 EUR per hour, depending on the consultant’s seniority.

plus Created with Sketch. How many team members work for a client?

This depends on the scope – there is always at least one experienced consultant, Team Leader and a number of specialists. This depends on the specific services provided (online ad campaigns, analytics, SEO, social media, UX, email marketing…)

plus Created with Sketch. How long does it take to prepare a proposal?

We usually respond to requests the next working day at the latest to agree on the introductory meeting or call to share information needed to develop a specific proposal.


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