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Our vision is to achieve the highest European level in the efficient use of performance channels


Together we will develop a strategy for digital marketing channels and help to implement it


We will share valuable information and experience with new features in digital advertising with you


We bring on board experts for ecommerce, brand building, B2B and export

We provide complete digital marketing

Marketing strategies

Together we will create an effective strategy for digital channels and help implement it.


How to request a proposal

Ideally, we start with an in-person meeting or call (over the phone or videocall). Set up the discussion at or call us at +4212 52 444 196.

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Memberships and awards we are proud of

We are one of Google’s Partner agencies in Slovakia. For you this means access to the latest tools and support directly from Google.

Logo CEE Digital Alliance

We are the part of CEE Digital Alliance. We work closely with leading marketing agencies from Central and Eastern Europe who are happy to assist us with your project in their domestic markets.

We are a member of the Association of Digital Marketing Agencies (ADMA), which unites Slovakia’s leading agencies and works to enhance the quality of marketing in Slovakia.

In 2022 we were named the Digital Agency of the Year in the Performance category and ranked 5th overall in the digital agency rankings!

We took three 2nd place awards in the categories Healthcare and Pharmacy, Low Budget and Its Effectiveness, and FMCG, Beauty, Fashion in the Czech Republic 

and Slovakia’s top PR competition Zlatý středník, which recognizes the best corporate media and communication projects.

In 2022 we were awarded the main prize and an additional shortlist in the category Performance of Digital PIE, Slovakia’s most prestigious digital marketing awards.

We have been shortlisted at the prestigious EFFIE Awards Slovakia 2022 competition for effectiveness in marketing communication.

We received six European Search Awards nominations each in 2021 and 2022.

We received eight shortlists on European Content Awards 2023.

We are the only double finalist from Slovakia for the prestigious 2018 Google Premier Partner Awards.

Recent case studies

Patches for holes in content on the bank's website

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25+ pumped up marketers

Our team meets the complex needs of ambitious clients in performance marketing. The team consists of experienced consultants with more than 15 years of experience in marketing, as well as specialists in online advertising, SEO, digital analytics and content.

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